#1 Beginning of My Journey at The Creative Junks

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If you have been with me from the beginning, you may remember how the journey began. If you are new around here, you may go through my first post, The Journey Begins.

Before writing about my journey here as Creative Junkie at The Creative Junks.com, I’ll quote Mark Twain

Eat a live frog every morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.

And for me, writing out my thoughts here has been the most difficult task at hand. Bear with me, I am coming out in all honesty here. Well, the task seems difficult to me because of fear of judgment. Yes, this thought isn’t in the back of my mind but at the forefront. I’ve already covered two quotes on fear, you may read at Fear and Faith.

Wait, did you just notice something unusual? 

Yes? or  No? Alright, I’ve just mentioned about the problem (my fear) and the very next thing was the solution (how to starve my fear).

What do you mean?

I simply want to say there are two people inside me (my mind). I don’t think this is true for everyone but maybe for few people definitely. Because, today I came across a story on my Instagram handle (did you follow it, yet?) that said,

Writer’s Block: When your imaginary friends refuse to talk to you.

My instant reaction was to laugh out loud (LOL!). But, isn’t this what I was going through the past few months? Yes, my imaginary friends just decided to get silent and fed me with fears about nothingness. It was well all inside my head.

Does it sound quite confusing to you’ll?

Well, that’s exactly what happens inside the minds of people like me who are quite hyperactive– a state of being unusually or abnormally active. Often, it becomes difficult to be around a hyperactive person as they tend to become too anxious or depressed because of their condition and how people respond to them. Yes, that’s a #metoo. Though people like me come off as a normal, smiling and happy person to anybody but that may not be the actual case.

Appearances can be deceptive!

However, I just want to get past that and make you understand people with this condition (yes, it is treatable).  Just be supportive if possible or never mind us at all. But don’t pity us or show compassion or hatred, because

The world has enough critics, be an encourager.

yes, this is why The Creative Junks is about Sending Positive Vibes Your Way! You may read more about hyperactivity here.

Now coming back to my journey here at The Creative Junks, I started posting quotes every day on any topic, actually every topic I could think of (too active minded!). So, today I’ve finally decided to share my thoughts and perspective on the topics I’ve covered earlier and would love knowing your perspective (because everybody has different views and opinions).

Accumulating excess thoughts and opinions in your mind isn’t a good thing- it’s like collecting trash at a place and our minds are NOT dumping grounds. If this rings a bell to you, let me tell you the bigger picture here is about the mental health”. (Yes, I know the stigma surrounding the mental health!) It is something we are least bothered about compared to our physical health. It is quoted that

A healthy mind resides inside a healthy body.

But do you know

What we think inside our minds determine what happens to us.

I have had come across many self-help guides, doctors, therapists, counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. offering support to people struggling with their mental health in both real life and online. But, too few people (patients/fighters) come out sharing their testimonies about what they are going through. My journey in here isn’t about journaling but I wish to highlight the underlying issues and be a ray of hope for those of you who are dealing with those demons inside their minds.

For today, I just want to say

Be strong and be patient with yourself, for this too shall pass.

– Signing Off,

Creative Junkie

©2018 by creativejunkie. All rights reserved.

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