#3 Wisdom

According to me wisdom is not just what we learn in schools or colleges, but that which we experience ourselves and changes our perspective of life. While being busy living our lives, most people forgets that we can change our thoughts and our life instead of just moaning about the wounds and downtime we face in the journey called life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to rant on you because few years ago, there was an immature me ranting over the things that I couldn’t control by forgetting that I can simply change my perspective and start accepting whatever came my way and prepare myself for a better future. 

Photograph by Oleg Magni

It was a low time for me dealing with my health problems and stress levels of work and personal life that wreaked my body and metabolism which lead to unexplained weight gain. It affected me quite badly, ripped off my confidence level and I started to experience trouble to keep up myself at my work and to maintain personal relationships. It was a time of struggling with myself (and not with the world as I had thought then). This was a long journey wherein I had positive support from my beloved family, friends and doctors who actually put light on a different perspective to view the ups and downs of life.  

What actually happened was, I started concentrating too much on the low-time of my life, I took everything to my heart and mind, my mind started having uncontrollable thoughts at a lightning speed which I was unable to keep up with. The ultimate result was my cortisol levels (stress hormones) were at peak and without my knowledge I started indulging myself in stress eating- eating junk foods such as fried potato chips, oily foods, etc. Needless to say, I started harming my physical health unknowingly. What an irony it was, though I was working at an online medical and healthcare based enterprise guiding people with their health woes but I wasn’t a bit of conscious and caring about my own health and being.

Though like any other human being living in this modern era, I too googled about exercises, beauty tips and personal hygiene to achieve a better version of myself. However, I ended up indulging myself in over-exercising which again took a great toll on me both physically and on a mental level as well. Fortunately, through proper medical guidance I was advised to introspect my daily routine and was asked to make the changes that seemed ideal to me. I am thankful to the doctor for not forcing me do start doing yoga or meditation instead guiding me with wisdom on how I can help myself by lowering my stress levels and start to care for my own health and well-being.  

As of today, I’m healthy and energetic both physically and mentally. I’m happy and contented to have faced the storm and love the stronger version of me. I am thankful for the toughest journey that I’d traveled which helped me to turn my wounds into wisdom. 

To conclude, if you are facing a downtime right now, hold in there, stay strong, ask for help from trusted sources (you may feel free to DM me at Instagram or Facebook Page). I would suggest you to seek medical advice and guidance if your downtime is taking a toll on your health. Know that your journey will help you learn a new lesson which you weren’t aware of before. Also remember that you’ll be happy and thankful once you understand the wisdom behind the tough times. Wherever you are right now, you are there for a reason- to seek wisdom of the unknown.  

What I can tell you about my experience so far is that, the downtime helped me discover a new me with qualities of strength, courage and compassion that I wasn’t aware about I had it in me. So, you should look no further because whatever you are seeking outside is all present within you. 

And for today I want you to remember,

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

-Signing off, 

Creative Junkie 

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