#4 Creative Motivation

I had published a quote earlier about  the Creative Motivation which focuses on positive motivation for creative man.  

Creativity isn’t something that everyone poses naturally, but some of us may have the flair to create things that aren’t present in the main stream. We all love and appreciate creative things and works done by others. However, there are few people who try to steal the credit for the creative works owned by its original creator.

This Holiday Season Capturing Creative Vibes Through Art!

Creativity can be seen in any fields- art, science, technology, business, startups, etc. How many of you remember watching a certain comedy video and got a Deja vu that you already know the essence of the upcoming one-liner? I hope you get me, the feeling you have known to watch a similar video earlier in some other language from another culture will leave you feeling sorry for yourself to have wasted your time watching basically the same thing all over again. What’s more, you end up watching the original work after years of its creation and you are already familiar with its copied version without being aware of the existence of the original version. Now you felt cheated? 

Well, there is a fine line between copying something completely without giving proper credits to the creator of the original work and getting inspired by the original creator and creating your own work. There used to be a time when I felt sad, angry and dejected if someone tried to copy my written works published on the online platforms without giving proper credit to the original creator (in this case, me).

The Creative Junks started off accidentally when the creative vibes from the bulb highlighted in the logo below caught off my attention. I assumed those vibes sending me a message to try it instead of simply quitting to write again. And as of today, looking back to my journey at The Creative Junks, I’ve come off a long way and I owe my gratitude to everyone of you for your constant support and appreciation that motivated me to pen down a new and more meaningful section named “Blogit with CJ“.

Copyright © 2018 by creativejunkie. All rights reserved. 

What kept me going on here has more to do with a positive quote that stated:

You can copy all you want, but you will be always be one step behind.

This positive quote not only made my day but also helped me to change my perspective of sadness and anger into a positive mind frame.  A few days ago, I’d come across a very informative post about how to claim your copyright over someone who copied your work without giving proper citations to the original creator. If you need help to get your copied content removed, then read it here Content Theft: How to get your copied content removed? I’m sure, this will help! 👍 

Recently, I came across another quote,

They can imitate your style, but they can’t imitate your creativity.

This positive affirmation is so true. Anyone can copy you but no one, I repeat nobody can be YOU. Remember everyone is unique and have their own thoughts, perspectives and opinions. I can’t be you nor you can be me. Even if you are a regular reader here, you can only be inspired by my blog and quotes but can’t imitate my creativity.  

Coming back to the topic, every creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve than to beat others. Likewise, I have decided to stay positive, and be more motivated to send my positive vibes across to you and not to get deviated and dejected by the mediocre acts of great writers stealing my work.  

For today, I would remind you to,

Find Yourself and Be Brave Enough to Live Your Life Creatively.

What does creativity mean to you? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 

-Signing off, 

Creative Junkie

©2018 by creativejunkie. All rights reserved. 

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