Elaborating My Reflection on 2018

Today, I came across this blog post at Make It Ultra™ Psychology by Dr. Perry.

What was the Best Thing That Happened to You This Past Year?

My Comment:

The past year has been a usual of ups and downs for me. However, I was able to understand myself better than before and leaned about the significance of self-love and care which in the long run helped me to care well for my ailing granny who passed away few weeks ago.


In all honesty, I was never intending to open up on such a difficult and emotional subject. But then I came across the question and though I’ve left my comment on the post, I didn’t actually express myself completely regarding “What was the Best Thing That Happened to Me This Past Year?”

So, here I go-

I learned about my strength and courage to withstand a medical emergency situation. I discovered love, patience and care I had in me to nurse my ailing granny till her last breath. I witnessed someone dying in front of me the very first time in my life so far. What I’ve experienced through this difficult phase was that the Universe was sending out its signal of a soul being taken away even before it all began in the real world. But, understanding these signs put my brain into feeling hopeless and worthless instead of putting myself to the service of looking after my granny.

I was trapped with all the voices that started talking and whispering inside my head which eventually led to the negative thinking. That was it! I had to stop and start taking deep breaths and assert myself to think positively and stay positive. I started repeating to my head that “I can do this, I can help to ease the worries and fear of the grave situation that is right in front of me”. A couple of hours passed with she holding my hand and me holding her, never leaving each other. Then, her breathing slowed and the grip of her hand holding mine loosened. She left us all to her heavenly abode peacefully after a prolonged illness.

Holding hands
Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

May her soul rest in peace. 

After witnessing this, all I could think of was those death scenes I’ve watched in the movies and on the television weren’t real at all. The reality is quite different than what’s been shown through the media. To each his own, every one has different experience and this will remain etched in my memory forever.

A few days later, my granny visited me in my dreams. I was happy to see her smile, laugh and ask me sit beside her. She was the same good old soul I knew from my childhood memories. That’s what I assume a positive sign from above for being there with her holding hands during her last moments.

My dear readers, this was why I wasn’t able to keep up with my blogging on a regular basis for the past few weeks. I was shattered and dealing with an emotional turmoil yet trying to be strong and being there for my family. I hope you’ll continue to love and support my work in here that’ll fuel me to send out the positive vibes that I’ve been doing here.

May you all be blessed. And let our New Year’s Resolution be that:

“We will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.”


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